Thursday, October 18, 2012

Logical Fallacies of animal rights

I feel that we do not need to ensure that animals have legal rights.  There are organizations like PETA that fill people's heads with a bunch of lies and fallacies.  When on their website today I came across this statement:
     " Giving meat the boot is also the best way to ensure a lifetime of good health".  Comparing to what we discussed in class today, I feel that this would be a perfect example of BLACK and WHITE fallacy.  PETA is stating that the best way to ensure a healthy life, is to stop eating meat.  But the fact that exercise, reduced alcohol consumption, not smoking, can also lead to a healthy life.  There is more than just ONE reason a person can be and stay healthy.  PETA loves to over exaggerate statements and bend the truth in attempts to sway the feeble minded people who can't think logically about their diet. 

1 comment:

  1. Yeah PETA goes a little bit too far saying that we should stop eating meat all together. Their statement should be changed to "Giving NON-ORGANIC meat the boot is also the best way to ensure a lifetime of good health."
    The truth is most of the meat that goes around in this society is actually produced from pathetic, worthless cattle raised by ranchers who abuse them. If you cut your intake of this unhealthy meat, then that will improve your health.
    I only eat organic meat. If that wasn't available, I would be vegetarian.